What's our 8-week program?

  • Our program is for early-stage companies who are pre-seed, post-MVP phase.
  • We focus on helping you build your product, 0 to 1 growth, fundraising, and team building.
  • We introduce you to potential advisors through advisor matching (see our list of advisors)
  • We host social hours to create bonds with other founders, exchange ideas/expertise, and build a strong community.


Do we have fees? What's the catch?
The 8-week accelerator program has no upfront fees and is free of charge. Instead, we take advisory shares (3%) of startups that go through our program. This is to align incentives and ensure that we support you in the long-term.

We also have an Equity Back Guarantee. Click here to see more details.

Do you provide funding?
We currently don't provide funding but rather, we provide the resources to help you become knowledgeable for you to prepare yourselves for fundraising or to get into well-known accelerators/incubators.

What happens after the program?
Our engagement continues, and are always happy to provide you with additional support and connections. You will have lifelong access to future cohort events and resources.