Cognity Community

Are you a startup founder, operator, or investor
involved in Southeast Asia?

What is this community?
To fulfill our mission of bridging Silicon valley & Southeast Asia, we're creating this digital community to continuously provide value to builders of Southeast Asia through:
1. Constantly exchanging cross-border tech knowledge
2. Sharing of opportunities like hires, deal flow & more
3. Contributing to each other's success to uplift the tech ecosystem in emerging markets in Southeast Asia
What do I get for joining this community?
Most immediately, you will:
- Have access to fireside chats with global tech leaders
- Access the community's shared network of investors, advisors, potential hires, etc.
- Contribute to the growth of other community members
- Have the ability to invest in our SPVs

In the future, we see the opportunity to transform into a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, where we'll crowdfund a set of $COGNITY tokens that are put into a Cognity Treasury. Eventually, members can:
- Vote on governance decisions (e.g. which projects or startups to fund) based on tokens held
- Earn more tokens based on participation
- Earn vested stake into the future and ongoing initiatives of the community.

Who are we looking for?
- Community givers. We expect our members to have a mindset of giving back and offering value to the rest of the community. We believe in positive-sum mindsets.
- Involved in the Southeast Asia tech scene. What we hope unites all of us is the desire to uplift emerging markets in Southeast Asia through technology.
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