program structure

Duration: 8 Weeks

  • Our program is fitted for early-stage companies who are pre-seed, post-MVP phase.

  • We focus on helping you build your product, how to go about growth, fundraising, and team building.

  • Other parts of our program include:

    • Advisor matching -  we introduce you to potential advisors that can help you with your company.

    • Social hours - create relationships with other founders, exchange ideas/expertise, and build a strong community

Do we have fees? What's the catch?

  • The 8-week accelerator program has no fees.

For full transparency: 

  • We currently don't provide funding but rather, we provide the resources to help you become knowledgeable for you to prepare yourselves for fundraising or to get into well-known accelerators/incubators.

  • We do have an alignment of incentives where we take advisory shares/equity (3%) of the startups that go through our program.

    • The ​3% will be divided among the Cognity Labs partners and also the specific advisors that will potentially join a startup's team.

    • Why do we do this? As the companies grow, it's an assurance that we are there to support you in the long-term - which is a philosophy in Silicon Valley that we want to embody.

    • Even if the companies are finished with our program, our engagement continues and we're here to provide support.

San Francisco, CA, USA
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